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Investigation Agency was formed to provide security services, equipment and training to both the private and public sector, locally, nationally and overseas. At Investigation Agency, we use a Systems Approach to security problem-solving, integrating all of the best practices in the industry. This assures the client that they receive comprehensive protection of their assets. Personalized to the client’s need, our programs offer maximum protection of the client’s investments, assets and reputation. Our philosophy is that once a client implements any of our programs, we become their personal security practitioners. We are available to the client, any time, to address any and all security requirements. Investigation Agency security officers are meticulously screened, physically fit and mature, and are available for armed and unarmed service. All are trained well in excess of state requirements.

Supporting Investigation Agency security guards is a network of specialized security consultants, investigators and trainers, who are capable and available to assist with any of our client’s security requirements. Our specialists can execute vulnerability assessments, security surveys, access control and provide crime-proofing techniques. These, combined with employee screening, electronic searches and background investigations, further enhance any security program. Merging these capabilities with the physical presence of our security officers forms an unmatched blanket of protection for a business, community, or individual and Investigations services throughout the world.

All requests for services are facilitated by a team of dedicated specialists and a client requirements are built-up using information gathered during consultation. All clients' requirements are assessed based on a RISK/THREAT and a bespoke package of security services offered based on assessment; all packages are specifically tailored to client requirement. CII offer a full spectrum of security services relating to personal protection, property protection and asset protection. All services are dealt with in the first instance by specialists and subsequently addressed by operatives, security operatives are typically former military, police (armed, former Diplomatic Protection Group, Royalty Protection) or former Home Office police close protection units. All operatives are able to deploy as an Individual Bodyguard or as part of a close protection team anywhere worldwide. Our operatives are able to deploy in a Corporate or Hostile environment and where required may perform armed duties as per the laws of the theater of operation.